At VieTech, we believe that employee skill development is integral to maintaining a safe, productive and rewarding work environment. With the fast pace of business today, skills training needs to be accessible, relevant and empowering. VieTech delivers on-site, on-time and on-budget skills development training for the automotive and heavy-duty service industry.

VieTech’s Diesel Engine Diagnostic training programs help reduce outsourced repairs and related downtime for your diesel fleet. Service technicians will gain the in-depth fundamental knowledge of modern complex fuel and emission control systems and electronic tools that are necessary for proper and effective troubleshooting and repair. Unlike OEM training, our courses are designed to be delivered on-site, on-time and on-budget to meet the demands of your busy operation. VieTech’s own Diesel Engine Technology Fundamentals course curriculum is utilized to develop the core-competencies that directly translate to on-the-job performance improvement for your technical employees.

I think it is a great way to provide continued education and technical upgrading to apprentices and mechanics of all levels. Kevin was able to really connect with our guys and break down the curriculum to ensure it could be easily understood and applicable to their learning needs. We received excellent feedback from our mechanics, ranging from 1st year to Journeyman, all the guys seemed to take away lots of new teachings that can be applied in their line of work. It definitely aided in equipping our field mechanics with the resources and knowledge they need to fulfil daily tasks and activities.

-Jenna M., Valard Construction

Kevin Vieth
Kevin ViethPresident & Principal Instructor
Kevin Vieth founded VieTech Training & Consulting Inc. in 2016 out of a passion for empowering heavy-duty and automotive service technicians through technical training. Due to the fast pace of technological advancements, he believes that on-going knowledge and skill development is imperative. With the operational pressures applied to business managers, skills training can be inconvenient, inaccessible and costly. This motivated Kevin to develop the Diesel Engine Technology Fundamentals in-class training curriculum to provide relevant and realistic diesel technology diagnostic training that is on-site, on-time and on-budget.

As a former technical Training Instructor for Cummins Western Canada, Kevin has delivered over 125 Cummins engine certification courses to over 500 heavy-duty technicians. Prior to his time with Cummins, he worked as a journeyman 310S automotive technician and then spent 3 years as a technical lead for Westport Innovations, a world leader in natural gas fuel system development. Kevin’s experience as a service technician, combined with his knowledge of fuel, emissions and engine controls acquired at Westport, helped him excel as a Cummins trainer and in diesel engine fault troubleshooting.

In addition to delivering on-site diesel engine diagnostic training to fleets nation-wide, Kevin also provides on-going remote troubleshooting and technical support to his clients.