Vehicle Operator Training Course

This 1-day workshop will deliver a high-level understanding of modern diesel engine powertrain technology designed specifically for vehicle drivers and equipment operators. Students will gain an understanding and appreciation for the technology incorporated into today’s diesel powertrains. Lessons learned can be applied to improve the operating techniques for better performance and reduction/prevention of aftertreatment system faults and failures.

Diesel Technology for Vehicle Operators

Learning Outcomes:

  • Timeline of emission regulations and implementation of emission control technology

  • Basic theory and operation of Diesel Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems

  • Aftertreatment system maintenance and management for operators

  • Basic understanding of High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) fuel systems

  • Operating vehicles equipped with Diesel Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems

  • Reducing aftertreatment system failures through operating techniques


  • Vehicle Drivers

  • Equipment Operators

  • Fleet Coordinators


  • 1-Day