New Fleet Technician Training and Certification Program Now Available Throughout Canada

VieTech’s Diesel Engine Technology Fundamentals Program Lowers Maintenance Costs, Increases Operational Efficiency

VANCOUVER, BC, November 9, 2017

Fledgling Company, VieTech Training and Consulting Inc., offers in-depth on-site training and certification on Diesel Engine Technology Fundamentals for end-users throughout Canada, enabling fleet owners to bring repair and maintenance in-house instead of losing valuable operational time sending vehicles to the manufacturer.

VieTech founder, Kevin Vieth, is a Red Seal Trade Certified Service Technician with specialized expertise in internal combustion engines. Kevin has facilitated more than 125 technician certification courses for heavy duty equipment, complex diesel fuel systems, and exhaust emission systems for industry leaders such as Cummins, Hunter Engineering and BCIT.

“Fleet owners typically have to outsource diagnosis, maintenance, repair, and any other issues related to modern diesel engine technology to the original equipment manufacturer,” says Vieth. “Our training and certification program empowers fleet technicians through education and training development, giving them the knowledge to troubleshoot common problems, perform routine maintenance, and make immediate repairs to the vehicles in-house.” Continues Vieth, “Doing everything in-house reduces down-time and costs and maximizes operational time for the vehicles.”

VieTech Training and Consulting’s On-Site Training and Certification Program includes Engine Controls and Electronic Tools, High Pressure Common Rail Fuel Systems, and After-Treatment and Emissions Systems. Each course involves classroom time and hands-on training to maximize retention. Courses can be taken individually for specialized training, or as a package for Diesel Engine Technology Fundamentals certification.

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VieTech Training & Consulting Inc. provides premium technical training services for heavy duty mechanics and diesel engine technicians. We are dedicated to providing the most convenient, realistic and relevant technical training experience for your service technicians and support staff. Our customizable training programs are delivered in your work environment using your tools and equipment. For more information, please visit us at

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New Fleet Technician Training and Certification Program Now Available Throughout Canada